Our Most Modern Operation theaters

Operation Theater (OT) Complex contains four operation rooms with most modern technologies. One is Septic Operation Theater for infective cases and three are aseptic Operation Theaters. Facilities for aseptic OTs include fast laminar flow with Hepafilter ensuring no stagnation of air, controlling relative humidity, special quoting for OT rooms; thus ensures germ free atmosphere of OTs.

External surgeons are cordially invited to do all types of surgery.

We Ensure World Class Facilities

Pre and Post Operative Patient Care are Included in Operation Theater Complex. Distilled Water Facility are Also Available for Hand & Instrumental Wash.

Caring Staffs

Patient Care

Distilled Water System

Cataract & Ant. Segment OR

Our Cataract & Ant. Segment OT contains Alcon Centurion Phacoemulsification machine, Alcon Infiniti Phacoemulsification Machine & Topcon 800Pro modern operating microscope.

Vitreo Retina OR

Our Retina OT contains VR Microscope – Topcon OMS 800 OFFISS & Alcon Constellation Vision System.


Oculoplasty & Strabismus OR

We have a separated Oculoplasty & Strabismus Operation Theater.


Septic OR

We have a completely segregated septic operation theater to ensure complete protection for all kinds of surgery.


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