We are happy to announce that we have gone to great lengths to ensure that those who come to our hospital will never be deprived of treatment due to a lack of financial resources. Henceforth, we have set up Zakat funds and Charity funds for poor patients. It is our promise that if you do come to our center you will be treated by expert doctors, without any compromise whatsoever in quality of service.

Specialist FFA+ICG+OCT

When a patient comes in we provide consultation at low cost or no cost depending upon the capabilities of the patient. Our consultants will see the patient and decide the best course of action regarding management of the patient

Upon confirmation of necessity of any Surgical Procedure by our consultants, the patient is given options regarding how to proceed depending on the financial capability. There is, again low cost and no cost options for the patient. This method has proved to be very easy for the hospital and financially challenged patients alike

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